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One Doge Equals One Doge, and One DogeSeed equals One DogeSeed

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Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1
Download Wallet
Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1
Introducing DogeSeedz: A Cross Chain Yield Farming Protocol (Formerly known as DogeGold)

DogeSeedz are initially mined on a PoW chain (SCRYPT), then bridged over to a token on multiple EVM networks to be farmed. (Testnet only at the moment) Users of the PoW chain will be able to swap their mined PoW coins for DogeSeed tokens which they can then stake to farm DOGEPEARLZ. The swapping / farming process is currently only available on the testnet. Swapping is manual and requires gas to be paid by the user to accomplish this swap. An automated bridge feature is in progress. DogeSeedz is a project that was created and maintained for fun and learning. DogeSeedz is NOT an investment product and the creators are NOT soliciting investments.

Testnet Farm



Components Overview:

1) PoW chain (DogeSeedz) This chain uses a standard mining process used to generate DogeSeedz. When using the one-way bridge to the EVM networks, DogeSeedz are burned on the PoW chain, then minted on the EVM chain.

2) EVM chain (DogeSeedz) The EVM contracts limit the amount of DogeSeedz that can be minted per year, reflecting the amount that is mined per year on the PoW chain. This way there can only be as many EVM DogeSeed tokens as are mined on the PoW chain.

3) DOGEPEARLZ token (Earned by farming DogeSeed) Users can stake their DogeSeed tokens to earn DogePearlz.

4) DOGEASTRA token (Earned by burning PEARLZ) DogePearlz can be burned to produce DogeStarz (DOGEASTRA).

5) Guest Token farming A guest token can be staked to earn DogePearlz at a lower rate than staking DogeSeedz. The guest token address can be changed. This is a marketing mechanism to allow other projects tokens to farm DogePearlz. For example, a community vote could determine which guest token they would like to stake on the BSC chain to farm DogePearlz.

The DogeSeedz token will be split up over several EVM chains (FTM, MATIC, BSC). The minting limits on each EVM chain will be a proportional fraction of the total coins mined on the PoW chain. The EVM tokens will eventually be able to be bridged from one EVM chain to another EVM chain by being included into existing cross bridge protocols.

1) PoW Chain (Completed)
2) Rebranding (Formerly known as DogeGold) (Completed)
3) Farming Contracts (90% Completed)
4) Farming Front End (50% Completed)
5) Mobile wallet for PoW coins (5% Completed)

How Does it Work?

Since DogeSeedz is created from the Dogecoin source code, DogeSeedz is a lot like Dogecoin, except the blocks are mined every 30 seconds instead of every 60 seconds. The reward structure is also different.

But why? To learn, to experiment and to have fun. Bitcoin and Ethereum are incredibly complicated. Learning about the inner workings of this technology by making our own coin is certainly more interesting than just reading about it. Also, I missed out on mining dogecoin when it was easy to mine, so I made my own! By using dogecoin as the codebase, this allows me to improve the code based on what the dogecoin devs are doing.

Block 1 : 1000000000 DogeSeedz
Block 2 : 10000000 DogeSeedz
Block 10 : 10000 DogeSeedz
Block 100 : 100 DogeSeedz
Block 2880 : 500 DogeSeedz
Block 5760 : 1000 DogeSeedz
Block 11520 : 1500 DogeSeedz
Block 23040 : 5000 DogeSeedz
Block 46080 : 7500 DogeSeedz
Block 50000 : 9000 DogeSeedz
Block 100000 : 10000 DogeSeedz
Block 200000 : 15000 DogeSeedz
Block 300000 : 20000 DogeSeedz
Block 400000 : 25000 DogeSeedz
Block 500000 : 10000 DogeSeedz
Block 1000000 : 100 DogeSeedz

Port: 13131
RPC Port: 33111
Testnet Port: 31313
Testnet RPC Port: 11333

Download Wallet
Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages that may occur from using this software. Use it at your own risk.